RUN Powered by ADP®

Enterprise resource planning software and digital payroll solutions for small businesses


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RUN Powered by ADP is a service that provides payroll and human resource solutions to especially small businesses. The service is committed to assisting business owners and leaders maneuver the headwinds that come with operating a small business in the modern day business landscape.

Its main operational pillars are small businesses that save time, remain compliant to regulations, as well as better manage their teams.

Features of Run Powered by ADP

Payroll processing

RUN Powered by ADP has keenly developed a seamless payroll system that allows the business owner to effectively manage their payroll from anywhere at any time of day. Moreover, the payroll feature has an advanced technology built in that further allows for any recurring payroll processing to be set on autopilot, thus saving a lot of time for the business.

Tax compliance management

RUN Powered by ADP has advanced systems that allow business owners and managers to stay apprised with federal and state taxation laws as well as the prevailing human resource regulations. This is accomplished via automatic updates on such laws sent to the small business owners regularly.

Under this feature also, RUN Powered by ADP automatically deducts all the required pre-tax deductions on behalf of the employer, saving them time and resources.

Human resource functions

RUN Powered by ADP provides advanced tools to assist in driving the hiring process as well as core human resource functions, such as producing customizable quality employee handbooks, using the handbook wizard. The service is interlinked with external recruitment portals that in turn simplify the recruitment process for the business.

Employee management

RUN Powered by ADP has greatly simplified the entire process of tracking time, staff attendance, paid time-off, sick leave, as well as diverse employee schedules.

Scalability provision

RUN Powered by ADP allows business owners and managers to seamlessly recruit new employees as well as expand their payroll processes even as the company grows.

Employee self care service

RUN Powered by ADP provides a web portal that allows employees access their salary information, a benefits management feature that allows employees to manage and update their benefits information, as well as a mobility provision that allows employees to track their salary information on the go or via a mobile optimized website.

Check deposits

RUN Powered by ADP has a function that directly deposits paychecks into employees’ bank accounts, saving both the employer and employee much time.

Accounting integration

RUN Powered by ADP has been embedded with integration capabilities to external accounting software to help verify the tax computations.


  • Simple way to manage your payroll processing.
  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Great way to keep a business organized.
  • Frequently updates business owners and managers on the emerging trends in the market.
  • Simplifies the complex taxation and regulatory compliance exercise.
  • Simplifies the recruitment, management and termination process.
  • Highly responsive customer support.
  • Great way to address all human resource-related concerns.


  • Frequent notification pop ups may become a nuisance.

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Direct Deposit
  2. Tax Calculation
  3. Check/W-2 Delivery

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Mobile
  2. Accounting Integration
  3. Time Tracking Integration
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